Atheism is Cold and Hopeless

Atheism is a cold and hopeless worldview.  It claims there is no Creator, no meaning or purpose to life.  It shouts, “There is no faith, hope, or love!”  It says we are just highly evolved pond scum or simply “meat molecules in motion.”[1]  But, I will admit I am hopeless romantic.  I still believe in Good (with a capital “G”) honor, and virtue.  I believe we were made for much more than this life.  I believe that not only does love exist, but that we exist because of love.  I believe that the universe was made because of and for the sake of love.  The Almighty, who is complete and whole in and of Himself, who never has known need or want – decided.  He decided His love was too great and expansive to be limited to an infinite number of angels, and even His Triune nature.  He decided He wanted to love us – to love you!  He didn’t have to.  Again, He knows no want or need, but He mused.  He mused on us, on me, and you.[2]  And He determined creation needed to be, because we needed to be.

It is and ugly and vulgar thing, that the ones whose existence depends on the love of their rejected God, insist He cannot be.  Where is the awe and marvel in a cold and dying universe?  Where is hope, beauty, and truth?  It’s remarkable that tired and old ideas of non-belief continue to fester and grow like an unnatural growth, disfiguring reality.  Men throughout all history have known there must be the One.  The One who is altogether sufficient, altogether perfect, altogether righteous and just.  We’ve known it in our minds and hearts.  We’ve known it instinctively.  But in recent times immorality has replaced The Immortal.  We have traded an eternity of unimaginable bliss, with nanoseconds of sexual indulgence.  And why?  So we can be our very own gods.  We no longer bow before idols of wood, metal, and stone.  No, we only bow before the god we make in our own image.

And so, I cry out to my brothers and sisters in their self-delusion, and I say be free.  Be free from appetites that are cheap tinny counterfeits of authentic bliss, genuine contentment, and unsurpassed peace.  Find love!  A love that that is not just true and real, but a love that holds together atoms, and galaxies, and the universe itself.  Find a love that is.  Your heart longs for this love.  Your soul searches it out.  And here it is, found in your Maker.  Yes, found in Christ!




[1] Dr. Frank Turek

[2] Ephesians 1:4

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