Can Our Senses Know Everything?

If evolution is true that means our five senses are simply random.  While they developed to adapt to our environment they do a very poor job of sensing all there is.  There is so much of reality that we don’t see, hear, smell, taste or feel.  So how can we trust these random puny senses to give us the full picture of reality? And yet, atheist scientist – who cling to the slowing collapsing theory of evolution – claim that if we cannot sense something it does not exist.  Can I ask a question?  How in the world do they know!?!  If we can’t sense something, how do we know if it exists or not?  Wouldn’t it be more intellectually honest to say if  we can’t perceive anything beyond our five senses, we can’t know if it in fact does or doesn’t exist?

And there are plenty of things we discover that exist beyond our five senses as well.  They are frequently discovered through mathematical formulas in fact.  For example, we can’t see, hear, touch, taste or smell radio waves.  But we know they exist because, we can build equipment to both transmit and receive them.  So why would we expect to see angels, demons, or even God, with our ordinary senses.  No like radio waves we have to “tune in” to God.  We must allow our hearts to be transceivers to connect with Him spiritually.  In fact we know there are radio waves because we know the effects of radio waves.  Well, I would say the effects of God surround us all day everyday.

We should not ignore the reality of God just like we shouldn’t ignore the reality of radio waves.  (You can still listen to some good stuff with them!)  It benefits us to both keep an open mind about God, and to be careful we don’t just brush Him off.  Not a good idea -no!

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