Do Things Pop into Existence out of Nothing?

I guess now certain someones are claiming “something can come from nothing.”  For ages the Christian argument for “God as The Necessary Being” rested in the simple concept that “out of nothing comes nothing.” The argument looks something like this:

In the natural world

  1. Out of nothing comes nothing.
  2. So if there ever was a time there was nothing, there would be nothing now.
  3. But there is something.  (In fact there is everything.)
  4. Ergo*, there always had to be something, and that something had to have the creative power to create everything else.

Christians believe that eternal creative thing/being is God.  It really is that simple.  The point is rational arguments can be made for the existence of an Eternal All-Powerful Creator.  And this is a pretty powerful argument. And if you’ve understood what has been communicated up to now, feel free to close your browser and move on.

But if you’re a glutton for punishment, there is more…

You see, for a while scientist then argued the universe itself has always been; that it always existed.  (No need for God then.)  But when astronomer Edwin Hubble proved the universe was expanding and not static, scientists had to admit a growing universe proves the universe had a beginning.  Hence, the “Big Bang Theory” was validated.  Christians then argued that the Bible has always taught the Big Bang Theory.  It’s recorded in the book of Genesis where we read, “In the beginning, God said, “Let there be Light!”

But now, some scientist are saying that because there is a law of gravity there is something called “spontaneous creation” and everything there is did in fact pop into existence from nothing.  Now, I am not a scientist, but my college science classes used to teach “Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation;” which states the greater the mass the greater the gravitational pull.  So I don’t understand how there can be any gravitational forces at work with no mass, but I guess I should accept it by faith.  (Yes, I am being a tiny bit snarky here.  Sorry.)

And besides, when Christians speak of nothing they adopt Aristotle’s definition of nothing.  He said nothing is the dreams rocks dream.


Take a minute… Pause… Take a deep breath, it’ll come to you.  There you go!  Now let us move on.

In other words, when Christians speak of nothing we mean nothing – no mass, no matter, no energy, no laws of physics.  It’s from that nothing that nothing comes.

Let me summarize by saying this: What we absolutely do know is: in order for anything to exist now, something has always had to exist.  Because (again) if there ever was a time there was absolutely nothing, there would be nothing now – period.

Yes, I know this post was a bit heady.  And I know this treatment is no where near exhaustive; but the point of this blog is provide straight forward answers and insights.  Simply put, God makes sense doesn’t He?  And that’s okay.  It’s okay if there is a God because the Bible teaches He is a loving Father.  He cares for us.  He wants what’s best for us.  He’s crazy about us.  He’s given us life, keeps us alive, and provides the Great Fix for a broken universe.  More on that to follow…


*Yes, I used the word “ergo.”  I’ve always wanted to do that.  Hehe…

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