Existence Itself was Made Because of and for the Sake of Love

Imagine if you will a young prince who finds a homeless girl. She’s filthy, in rags, odorous. But he sees something in her a eyes; a sadness and despair. So, he marries her on the spot. He dotes on her, loving her lavishly. There is no sacrifice too great to come in the way of her happiness. He makes sure her every need is met, gently tending to her every chance he gets. The bride flourishes, becoming radiant and beautiful under such loving care. The Prince becomes king and she is his queen. And then, she begins to change. Then, she takes notice of her beauty. At first she becomes infatuated with herself. Then she falls in love with her own beauty. At that point she begins to ignore and even disdain the new King. Finally, she wants nothing to do with him.

In an effort to win her heart, the King writes his Queen a beautiful love letter. But she refuses to read it. His followers schedule weekly celebrations to celebrate the goodness and generosity of the King. She refuses to attend. The King sets aside time in His garden every day to just spend one-on-one time with the Queen. He just wants to hear her heart, her joys and her sadness. She refuses to enter the garden and spend time with the King. In fact, all the while she has found other lovers; first in secret, but then out in the open. She eventually flaunts them for all to see.

Then, a war breaks out. The Queen is taken captive. The King ransoms her and rescues her. He voluntarily takes her place in prison. There he is tortured and dies. She takes no notice of it and returns to her life of promiscuity.

Let me ask you… Would you consider the Queen a good wife? When you think of her do you think she’s “basically a good person?” Of course not! And you shouldn’t. She has ignored the grace extended to her, the love lavished on her, the rescue that redeemed her. And so it is with the one who rejects Jesus.

The Gospel, at it’s heart, is a love story. It is the story written above. The “Good News” of the Gospel is we – you – have been rescued. The Bible says we have been ransomed from “sin and death.” The “Good News” is God wants you to go to Heaven when you die – and He has made a way! Christians are walking in that way and invite anyone and everyone to join them. Sure, we’ve fallen in love with Jesus. (How could you not?) Sure, we’ve connected with Him, and “seek” Him and His ways everyday. But that’s because we get Jesus. We get Him!

And so the invitation is once again extended, and the invitation is simple. Will you stop, and be still, and talk to God? I tell you, if you do you will start a battle in your heart and mind. Emotions like fear and dread will come over you – at first.  (They may have already started.) But just relax, take a deep breath, stay quiet, and just think on Jesus. Mull over who He is and what He’s done – for you. Yes for you! Stay there as long as you can, quiet and still, and then words will begin to pour out of you. Words directed to Him. And just let them pour and pour and pour.

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