Forensic Evidence for God

I’m sure you’ve figured out that Christians cannot provide direct empirical evidence for GOD.  We’re not going to be able to get GOD into a lab so He can be poked, prodded and pinched. He is spiritual and the universe is material. We simply don’t have the physical tools to inspect Him materially.  So, like the vast majority of scientific discoveries, we rely on indirect empirical evidence. We use the forensic sciences, like detectives, lawyers, and judges and we scour the world and even the cosmos looking for the “fingerprints” of GOD.

As I have said repeatedly, the evidence for GOD are the things He has created – the cosmos, human beings, ecosystems, different species, life itself. Their engineering design and precision is really miraculous. Not only that, but the effects of His actions and activities in human history have left a vast forensic trail of His works – His acts detailed in the Bible, the resurrection, His past and continued activity in the world around us, and in the lives of His people.

Over the centuries Christians have collected clues and “proofs” for His existence.  There are several, but here are a handful:

1. The ontological necessity of an eternal first cause
2. The measurable engineering marvel of the universe
3. Objective Morality
4. Fulfilled prophecy
5. Recorded Miracles
6. The “Imprint of GOD” on humanity (exhibited in faith and human experience)
7. The supernatural nature of the Bible
8. Changed lives and personal testimonies

Now please don’t make the mistake of simply poo-pooing the list or checking off items on it.  I’m not trying to give full descriptions or answers here. They will come in future posts. But, it’s important to understand that Christians throughout the ages have rooted themselves in making sound arguments with these points (and others) to provide a compelling case that through indirect empirical evidence GOD in fact does exist.

The simple point I am trying to make here is this: Christians don’t rely on “blind faith” for their belief in GOD. There are measurable facts and data and logical grounds for our belief in GOD.

I look forward to our future discussions.



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