GOD’s Imprint on Humanity

There are many apologetic arguments for GOD that helps us defend the faith.  The Big Six are:

  1. The Cosmological Argument
  2. The Teleological Argument
  3. The Moral Argument
  4. Fulfilled Prophecies
  5. The Reliability of the Scriptures
  6. The Historical Resurrection of Jesus

And there are many more.  These are strong and credible arguments.  And many have become convinced of Christianity because of them. But I think we could possibly add one more that could be called “The Imprint of GOD” on humanity.

The Imprint of GOD is manifested in the sociological impact of GOD on every culture throughout human history.  It is His direct revelation to humanity.  This is exemplified in a universal perception of an Almighty Creator in humankind. Did you know there has never been a culture found that did not hold some type of belief in GOD, or gods?  Even a child has an instinctive understanding that there must be Someone who made the world.  More so, according to Pew Research, 84% percent of the world’s population hold some type of religious faith.  That means 6.9 billion people pray every day.  (Incidently, the largest population of Christians – 243 million – is found in the United States.)  Cultures around the world have Temples, Cathedrals, and Mosques dedicated to the glory of GOD.  Millions of libraries hold countless books on theology, religious literature and poetry.  Countless works of art have been dedicated to GOD.  And countless religious ceremonies are celebrated every hour of every day somewhere around the world.  This must mean something!

Let’s be clear.  This is real empirical data.  These are hard facts, not just someone’s opinion.  Now, atheists will say these 6.9 Billion people are simply deluded.  They will assert that GOD and gods where created by our ancient, backward, and ignorant ancestors trying to make sense of a pre-scientific world.  And those supposed superstitions have just been passed down through the ages and remain with us today.  Now that sounds pretty convincing, but without similar empirical data it is simply an assertion.  Or, to put it into other words: it’s a nice story.  I would ask, where is the data to support this hypothesis?  What are the repeatable experiments that have been conducted to show this is true?  There should be a simple way to diagnose such a massive delusion.  What is it?

So you can see how, on the other hand, it could be very reasonably argued that 84% of the world’s population; 6.9 Billion people can’t all be wrong. Also, the Population Reference Bureau estimates that 108 Billion people have lived throughout the ages. I would argue that it is more probable that more than 84% of the world’s total population once believed in GOD.  I could see it being in the 98-99 percentile.  But just to be generous, let’s assume only 84% have been believers.  That means roughly 91 billion people have believed in some type of Deity or deities – 91 billion!  That’s a lot of delusional people.  As Christian Case-Maker, J. Warner Wallace, would put it, “I guess that’s possible.  But I don’t think it’s reasonable.”

So when your atheist friend tells you people who believe in GOD are delusional, you can ask, “Really?  Do you honestly believe that 6.9 billion people all suffer from the same delusion?  Really?  Is that even possible?”  And then make them explain themselves.  Ask them for the studies, or the data, or the repeatable experiments that make their case.  At that point I think you will have made yours.


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