If God is Real, Why is there Evil?

Okay, let’s give this a shot.  Let me see if I can address the question of God and evil.  While, this will not be an exhaustive treatment (how can it be?  This is a question that has plagued humanity for millennia) it will be an honest effort.

When I talk to non-Christians about the Lord, they will invariably say something along the lines of, “What about all the evil in the world – wars, murder, rape? If God is such a good God why does He let all that happen?” You know, that’s a really good question!  And I totally get it.  And like everyone else in the world I despise all the evil in the world.

I’m currently working for International Justice Mission, (IJM.org) the largest anti-slavery organization in the world. Daily I hear stories of unimaginable abuse suffered by women and children by sex traffickers. I hear of families who are trafficked and enslaved by cruel and sadistic slave masters. I hear of broken and corrupt public justice systems that not only refuse to help the global poor, but sometimes collaborate with the traffickers. I hate how broken the world is, and sometimes it seems like it’s only getting worst.

So how do I justify this with the Christian belief in a just and loving God? Well, it’s because the Bible teaches the story isn’t finished yet. It says that one day every wrong will be righted, every injustice paid for, every affect of evil rectified.

I know that in eternity the God of the universe will not just put an end to evil, but will provide healing and justice and restoration. All will be set right. The scales of justice will be perfectly set in place and everyone ever born will say, “At last! At last — justice!”  Evil, while horrendous, is only temporary. It’s days are numbered.  One day all its works and the affects of its works will be erased. It will be as if it never existed in the first place.

So, in the mean time we are here to mitigate and eliminate evil as much as we can. In fact, that’s the reason we exist. We’re here to protect those who can’t protect themselves, and feed those that can’t feed themselves, and care for those who have no one else to care for them.  We’re here to “love others as we love ourselves;” to love them the way Jesus would love them.

We can’t discard God because there is too much evil in the world, and then not dedicate our entire lives to the eradication of evil.  That would make us all hypocrites and a liars.

Yes, God does allow evil in this world, but only in this finite, temporary, soon to pass place.   Eternity awaits! And there God will obliterate, destroy and kill evil forever and ever and ever.  There every wrong will be righted, every crime paid for (one way or another) and every injustice left undone will be corrected to full satisfaction of a totally righteous, good and loving God. The hour is near, the countdown has begun.

Whew!  That was tough.  And I know this short post does not answer all the questions.  And I know not everyone will agree.  But the alternative to God making everything right one day is that there is no God and ultimately no final justice.  The alternative is evil wins.  I couldn’t live with that.  And I am thankful it’s not true.


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