Jesus says, “Come with Me”

Jesus says…
“Come with me to a place of wonder and mystery

A place where tears are forever banished. Only allowed to enter when chaperoned by laughter joy, and inexhaustible bliss

Come with me to a place where the hand of My Father has paused from spinning galaxies, measuring suns, and forming planets to be found ever so tenderly caressing the face of His children

His fingers
brushing away their tears…

Come with me! There, night is day, pain is soothed, hurts healed, and evil obliterated and cast out.

There, angelic beings treading on streets of gold is commonplace and melodies of heavenly seraphim is the backdrop to never-ending life.

There, hurts will be healed, rejection vanquished, confusion confounded, mysteries revealed, books open, and eyes will finally truly see the great, holy and oh so lovely God.

Sickness will be slain and Death will have uttered his final gasp



Sin – theirs and yours- will be dissolved in the crimson blood of The Lamb and it’s dust cast into a sea as vast as the cosmos, an ocean soon and forever blotted out, gobbled up in the deep named forgetfulness.

Come with me to a place where you can finally love and know Love, learn from Her, be fused with Her forever together from everlasting to everlasting…

It’s alright… truly… everything’s going to be okay… really... “Jesus says, “Come with me!”

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