My Real Life Miracles

One piece of evidence for the existence of GOD are miracles.  The Bible is full of them, including the biggest of all: The resurrection of Jesus.  Now, I know it is very hard to believe in miracles.  I mean who has ever really seen one?  But it’s important to understand, Christians don’t only believe in GOD because all the different clues we see in the world.  The ones I have outlined in my post, “Corroboration for GOD.”  They are the need for a First Cause,

30 years ago, my mother went missing for several months. It was awful, simply awful. I learned that she was living in a “new apartment next to a Safeway” in San Francisco, and that’s all. There was no Google maps, I didn’t look in a phone book. I just grabbed a Christian friend, drove to San Francisco, and prayed the hour it took us to get to The City. I said to myself I would scour the city inch by inch all night if I had to to find my mother. But then something happened.

I can’t explain exactly how, but as we past the city limits I knew which exit to take. I didn’t hear a voice or feel a prompting really, I just knew. As we got off the freeway I saw St. Mary’s Cathedral about a mile and a half away and I just knew to drive to it. After, as we came up to the cathedral I knew I had to take a right and drive past the church. For the next several minutes I just knew when and where to turn. I wasn’t scouting the streets, I wasn’t just driving up and down streets trying to stumble across something, I simply knew where to go. I didn’t get lost and I didn’t make a single wrong turn. Then, I came alongside the back of a Safeway, and again, I knew my mom lived next to it somewhere. As I got around to the front of the Safeway I saw past the parking lot a brand new completed building next to several uncompleted buildings. (I can still see it in my mind.) And I knew my mom lived there. I parked, walked through the glass doors and up to the security guard and told him I was looking for my mom, and I was wondering if she lived there. I gave him her name and he said, “She lives in apartment 527.” I took the elevator to the fifth floor and walked up to the apartment. I knocked on the door, and my mom opened it up. You can’t imagine how I felt.

Now please understand, again, I didn’t make a ** single wrong turn.** I didn’t have to look for hours, like I expected I would have to. It probably only took me 15 to 20 minutes to find her. How do you explain that if that’s not a miracle?

I’m not sure how many Safeways were in San Francisco 30 years ago. There are 16 now so that only leaves a 6.25% of finding the right one if I had a map of all the Safeways! But I didn’t. I was driving blind. I had expected being up all night looking for my mom.  What I was really doing without a map, was in essence trying to find the right “square lot” in the whole city. (By the way, I had never been to that Safeway ever before. In fact, I haven’t been there since. The truth is the only Safeway where I knew the location was the Safeway near the Marina. That’s it.)

So let’s do some math.  Since I don’t know the exact square footage of that store I wound up at, I would first need to figure out the average square footage of a Safeway store Then I would need to compare it to the total square footage of San Francisco. Because that was what I was trying to accomplish – find the right “square lot” in the whole city.

There are 1300 Safeway stores in the U.S. The total square footage of all U.S. Safeway stores is 80.4 million. That would mean that the average square footage of a store would be 61,880 square feet. San Francisco is roughly 48 square miles in area. That calculates to 13,660,441,600 square feet. So, because I had no idea of where all the Safeways were, I was in essence driving through 13 billion square feet to find roughly 62,000. The odds of finding those exact square feet by first taking the right exit and then driving right to it, without making any wrong turns, is .000453% or 4.5 ten-thousandths of 1%. I think that’s miraculous.

I have other examples, including one time hearing God speak to me audibly. (It was only one time in my 31 years of being a Christian.) My wife, me and my kids where walking into Disneyland. As we got under the train trestle I heard The LORD say, “You will have a divine appointment here.” That’s it; nothing more. This wasn’t just a thought or an impression. I audibly heard him say that. It was so clear I turned around to see who was talking to me. Two days later I “bumped into” a former pastor friend. Years ago, this man had moved 3 hours from where I lived. I hadn’t seen him since then. He had been painfully disassociated from my church. (For him it was as painful as a divorce.) I was an elder at the church and knew of what happened behind the scenes. We spent about an hour talking. I was able to give him information that helped him understand things in a new light bringing him great relief, healing, and necessary closure.

Also, when I was 19 I was body-surfing at Santa Cruz.  (I’m from San Jose but practically lived in Santa Cruz since my 16th birthday.  The day I got my driver’s license.)  All of a sudden the waves grew from about 3-4 feet to about 7-8.  It created this very powerful undertow.  I had never experienced this at Santa Cruz before, and haven’t since.  Now, I was totally ripped back then.  (Don’t ask me about it now. 😉  I was really strong and in the best shape of my life.  But the waves kept pulling me back in the water and pounding me down to the sand.  I struggled for what felt like hours, but I’m sure was only several minutes.   I finally was exhausted and had no strength left.   I was sure I was going to drown.  I knew I was going to die. I prayed, “Forgive me Lord!  Forgive me.” Seriously – the next thing I knew a wave literally – and I do mean literally – picked me up and threw me on the shore.  I actually crawled up on the beach on my hands and knees. I still get goose bumps when I think about it.

Now, I know this all sounds crazy. I know you might attack my psychological state. (I assure you, I am completely sane, quite normal, and no one extraordinary. I’m just a “average Joe,” about as plain as plain can be.) I know what I am sharing is not raising someone from the dead, or calling fire from Heaven. I guess my miracles are just plain miracles. But hearing GOD’s audible voice, and finding your missing mother in 15 minutes in a city of over 800,000 people are miracles nonetheless.

I have many more experiences I could recount, but I think you get the gist. I know I haven’t given complete and conclusive evidence. I know I’m not offering reams of data filled with scientific study and measurements. But I’m hoping you’ll account for my simple and dull life and give me any needed latitude.


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