The Story of the Football Fish

Once upon a time there was a Football Fish that lived on the bottom of the Ocean – the Marianas Trench to be exact.  One night he had a dream.  In that dream an eagle came to him to tell him of a far away place.

“Where I come from,” said the eagle “there is air and light and clouds and the sky and the sun.  I fly through the sky high above tall trees and running rivers.  There are rainbows during the day and the moon and stars at night.  You should come with me and see.”  


And then the Football Fish woke from his dream.

Now the bottom of the ocean is a cold and dark place.  And it’s the only place the Football Fish ever lived.  The only light the football fish knew was the anemic dull glimmer he generated from his antenna.  

“What a stupid dream!” growled the Football Fish.  “Everybody knows there are no such things as eagles, and skies, and the sun.  How very stupid!”


It seems to me that we are all Football Fish, even the most brilliant scientist and the most ingenious atheist.  It seems the height of arrogance to make such extreme claims as to the possible existence of God or the supernatural.  I think it would be much more intellectually honest; and really more open-minded to simply say, “How would we know?  We’re just tiny flecks on a tiny speck spinning in the vastness of the cosmos.”

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