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What Atheism Really Means

When you think about it, atheism is the non-belief that Someone exists – GOD.  It’s not really a “belief system” because it is rooted in unbelief. It’s not like they believe that GOD does not exist. They don’t believe He does. (You may need to think about that for a second.) And, you know, I think all that would be understandable if we were talking about unicorns or leprechauns. But when considering GOD, that’s really another thing. Because you see, GOD is a universal concept. He’s not just one guy’s idea that caught on.  Everyone intuitively thinks about GOD.  Everyone conceives of him, or conceptualizes Him.  Everyone at some point in their life thinks on GOD.  Even children naturally believe in GOD.  They instinctively look around and say Someone must have made all this, it didn’t just pop into existence out of nothing.

But when you listen to one of the new atheists like, Dawkins, Dennet, Harris, Krauss, or Shermer their arguments seem so logical.  They say things like, “Everyone is an atheist of some type.  Most people don’t believe in Zeus, Thor, or Minerva.  We just go one further!’  Or, “Being a skeptic just means being rational and empirical: thinking and seeing before believing.”  And it all sounds so harmless and reasonable. But I don’t think it really is.  In fact to be an atheist – if you are intellectually honest – you have to believe that:

  1. Either the material world is eternal, or it popped into existence out of nothing.
  2. Humans are just one tiny cosmic accident in a universe of cosmic accidents.
  3. There is no ultimate meaning or purpose to life.
  4. Love is just a biochemical reaction in some grey matter shoved into skulls.
  5. There is no ultimate Truth, Hope, or Beauty. (Or, even Reason.)
  6. There is no Justice, or Ultimate Justice.
  7. Faith, Hope, and Love are just delusions.
  8. Convictions are delusional.
  9. The 6.9 billion people on earth who believe in GOD are delusional.
  10. There is no such thing as Good.
  11. Evil is just an annoyance or a displeasure.
  12. Life is just one short joy ride, and then it’s over.
  13. That “the one who dies with the most toys” really does win.
  14. Fatherhood takes less than 5 minutes.
  15. Motherhood is just the perpetuation of the human genome.
  16. Rape is just the perpetuation of the human genome.
  17. Sex trafficking is just the perpetuation of the human genome.
  18. Murder is just survival of the fittest.
  19. Abortion is just survival of the fittest.
  20. War is just a thinning of the gene pool.
  21. Starving children across the globe is just a thinning of the gene pool.
  22. We are not endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.
  23. Racism and bigotry make sense.
  24. Slavery makes sense.
  25. Morality doesn’t make sense.
  26. Hitler wasn’t so far off.
  27. Neither was Stalin.
  28. The 10 Commandments are just suggestions.
  29. Jesus was a liar.
  30. And the list goes on and on and on…

And that’s the trouble with atheism, it keeps accelerating head first into the brick wall of reality.  And reality always wins.

The bottom line is deep in their hearts everyone knows there is God.  They just don’t want Him to be, that’s all. In fact, I would say that we need to talk ourselves out of GOD in order to become atheists.  That’s what I did when I entered college.  I talked myself out of GOD.  And you know, it takes a lot of effort to that. But as I slowly adopted the list above into my own life, I too ran into reality. And it transformed what I thought was battle of philosophies – God or no God – into the question: “What is real?”  The question wasn’t even: “What is true?”  The question was: “What exists?”  All I had to go on was my understanding of reality, and my own human experience.  And it didn’t too long to realize that I was standing “feet firmly planted in mid air,” as Francis J. Beckwith once said.  I am thankful that atheism is simply untrue.  What a crazy and vulgar world we would have to live in if it was.



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