Why We Need Young People to Defend Truth

Sadly, the word “Truth” has been hijacked and twisted in my lifetime. When I was a kid when you talked about the “Truth” (yes, the capital “T” kind of “Truth”) it was THE Truth.  It wasn’t “my” truth and “your” truth.  It was simply THE Truth.  Truth was not a matter of opinion.  It was not up for grabs.  You couldn’t vote on it.  It wasn’t up for negotiation.  It was what simply corresponded with reality. It was like the 2 + 2 = 4 kind of truth. And there was a real beauty in that.  There was a nobility in THE Truth.

Yesterday I was reminded by my wife that I am a hopeless romantic. Don’t blame me, blame my beautiful Latino parents.  While they are simple folk, the salt of the earth types, they taught me and my brothers to tell the Truth. And while they never used the actual word – they taught us to be honorable. They taught us all the old fashion (now out of date) kind of stuff.  Your word is your bond.  Honor women and children.  Protect them if you can. Honor GOD, love Him. I love that about my parents.  And I am hugely grateful to them for that.

You see, my mother always reminded us that my dad had to quit eighth grade to pick cotton.  And, while it broke his heart, he never had the opportunity to finish school. You see his father was a tenant farmer in debt to his landlord.  In essence, he was a slave.  One year he had a bumper crop and he pulled all his kids out of school so the family could pick all the cotton they could.  They paid off their debt, took off, moved to a different state, and never looked back. From that heritage, I learned much from my father.  I learned to work hard, to do what needed to be done, and most importantly “to always do what’s right, the right way!” That was my dad’s mantra.  Whenever we found ourselves in trouble he would say, “Mi’jo, just do the right thing the right way, and everything will work out.  It always does.”  I have found that to be the case in all my life.

And how does that all relate to Truth? It’s simply this: while my dad could never articulate it this way, he showed me and my siblings that Truth is noble, and Truth is pure, and Truth is strong.  And to add it all up, Truth is true!  (Yeah, that’s kind of funny isn’t it.)

Atheism would have us believe there is no objective truth.  The problem with that is they want us to believe that is true. (You might need a second to sort that out.)  They use a self-refuting argument – a contradiction – to order and rule their lives.  It’s kind of sad when you think about it.  Add to that, atheism demands it not be lied to as well.  “Don’t tell us the myths of the Bible!” it shouts.  “Jesus is a legend!” they declare.  Well, which is it?  Is there Truth or not?  They can’t have it both ways.

The bottom line is we all know intuitively there is a capital “T” Truth.  We know it because we hate to be lied to.  We know it because when someone says, “I love you!” we want it to be true – objectively, factually true.  And that’s okay!  In fact, it is good!  We don’t need to be afraid of the Truth, (well, mostly.)  Truth can set us free.  It can set us free to look around and search for it.  We can ask, “What is real?  Why am I here? Is there any reason I am here?”  And that leaves us with two choices.  Either atheism is true and we’re just tiny insignificant specks in a universe filled with bigger specks.  Or Jesus was right and we were made a “little lower than the angels” – and in the very image of GOD.  Hmm…  I wonder which is the Truth?


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