Will We Love GOD Back – Part 1

The Bible teaches that GOD is crazy in love with us:

1. He knew us and loved us before He “laid the foundation of the earth.”
2. He foreordained our birth.
3. He knit us together in our mother’s womb.
4. He keeps us alive to this very moment.
5. He’s prepared a place for us in Heaven.
6. He knew we couldn’t make it on our own.
7. He gave us His Son do die for us so we could.

So? What do we do now? How about loving Him back?

In this first part of our multi-part series Don will welcome his very special guest, his very special wife Katie Quintana.  Join us for a funloving, quirky, and engaging podcast with the “Mom and Pop Apologists,” Don and Katie Quintana.

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