Will You be Prepared for the Coming Battle?

There is a battle coming, a battle that means everything.  No one, absolutely no one, can afford to lose this battle.  It’s the battle for your heart and mind, and your soul is literally on the line.  If you’re a Believer, you already know what I’m talking about.  If you’re not, keep reading.  It will all be made clear.

Isn’t it funny what wins our attention and affections these days?  We live in a wonderful time with amazing devices beyond anything even conceived in the past.  Each one of us is literally connected to the rest of the world.  We have video, and media that keeps us connected and also provides a great diversion.  But can I ask a question?  Whatever happened to the pursuit of virtue?  Whatever happened to the spirit of knighthood?  You know, those guys that would travel the realm righting wrongs, protecting women and children, and just serving in whatever way they could.  What the world needs nowadays is a young generation of knights.  No, they don’t need to carry swords and shields, they simply need to fall madly and passionately in love with Jesus.  They need to get Him – I mean really, really get Him!  If you’re not a Christian you may ask why you would need to that.  It’s quite simple.  That’s the least you could do, after all He’s done for you!

Did you know that you are not your own?  Did you know that you owe your very existence to Jesus?  Yeah, that’s right.  He made you.  In fact, according to the Bible, in Ephesians 1:4, it says Jesus knew you and loved you even before He made the universe. It’s like a new father who imagines what his child will be like, and has fallen in love with that child as soon as he heard he is going to be a father.  Now that’s true love, isn’t it?  He made you the universe because you needed a home.  He foreordained the day of your birth.  He knew you couldn’t make it to Heaven on your own, so He suffered and died so you could have a chance.  And He’s prepared a place for you in paradise; in a perfect place with no sin, or evil, or sorrow, or pain.  You’ve got to give Him this, He knows how to love lavishly doesn’t He?  Oh, and one other thing.  He keeps you alive up to this very moment. That last breathe you took – a gift from Him. That last heartbeat, His gift of love to you!

So, if for no other reason you should be madly and passionately in love with Jesus because of all He’s done for you.  And besides, whether you realize it or not, His love is really what you’re looking for in the first place.  Those who get Jesus and love Him, get a peace that surpasses understanding.  They get an abundant over-flowing life – a life beyond anything they ever imagined.  They get perfect and complete joy!  Yep, just ask my wife.  She has all that and more.  And, me too.  And get this.  You also get eternal life and a spiritual knighthood of sorts.  Yeah, that’s right!  Pretty cool, huh!

You see, everyone out there that doesn’t get Jesus, everyone who doesn’t know Him is pretty miserable.  They are chasing after all the things our culture says matter, money, fame, sex.  But it’s never enough.  Did you know the most powerful proof of GOD’s existence is people’s capacity to be loved infinitely?  No one has ever said, “Okay, that’s enough!  You’ve loved me enough!  You can stop now.” (Just sayin’…) Once your spiritually connected with Jesus you can experience true love like you’ve never experienced before.  And, everyone who knows and loves Jesus has been commissioned to be used by Him to save and rescue people from the world, the devil, and their own misery.  Yeah, just like the knights of old.
So?  Are you ready?  Are you ready for the lifelong battle for your soul?  I mean, the fight has already started, hasn’t it.

If you already know Jesus I’d encourage you to up your game.  Here’s what I mean.  Do you spend your day obsessed with and consumed by Jesus?  Are you always thinking about Him, and talking to Him, and loving Him?  Are you “a body wholly filled and flooded with GOD Himself?” – Eph 3:19b (MSG). No?  Then do this. Start your day connecting with Jesus.  Don’t worry, once you get some practice you can literally do it less than a minute.  And once you connect with Him, take that connection with you throughout the day!  Never forget that amen does not mean goodbye.  Once you connect with Jesus take that connection with you and ask Him to consume your thoughts.  One easy way is to make a contest with yourself to see how many times you can thank Him in one day.  Gratitude is addicting. When you find you have forgotten about Him say, “Lord, I want to always be connected to you.  I want my thoughts fixed on You, no matter what I am doing.  But, left to myself, there is no way I can do it – no way!  So I need you to do it for me.  I need you to enable me to be obsessed with You and consumed by You.  I love you LORD! THANK YOU!!! Thank you for everything.”  And then, don’t worry about it.  Just move on with Him.  (Let me know how it goes.)

For you, my non-believing friend, here’s what you can do. Just check-out Jesus.  Just learn about Him.  You’ll need to read his four biographies.  Don’t worry they are super short.  If you wanted to you could read them all in less than a day.  His biographies are found in the Bible, in the New Testament. They are the four “Gospels” of Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John.  Just read them.  If you want you can order one and have it shipped to you on our resources page.  Here, let me do this.  I’ll put the link in this very post:

There you go.  Come on. Do it.  They’re less than two bucks.  What have you got to lose?  And as you read go ahead and talk to Him.  Yeah, just like you would talk to a friend in the room.  I tell you it’s pretty cool having Jesus as a friend.  I mean He’s always there.  And He’s got GOD the Father’s ear.  Talk about being well connected!

Well,  I think this post has gotten long enough.  Yes, there is a lot more that you can do that will help you powerfully connect with Jesus, but these are very good starts.  Leave a comment or shoot us an email from our Contact Page if you have any questions.





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